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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Opening Keynote

10:00 AM
Welcome to Firehouse Expo Direct & Keynote Presentation: The Space Between

Join Jeff Banman as he shares what you can discover for what resides in the intervals of life, the moments of quiet and the space between the chaos in the role of a firefighter. Thirty years of work culminates in this singular insight that will enable you to bring the calm to the chaos when discernment and action is needed most. This is the space that brings about the power, wisdom, courage, confidence and all things necessary to be a great firefighter who takes extraordinary actions producing extraordinary results.


Jeff Banman

General Sessions

11:00 AM
Five Keys to Successful Engine Company Operations at Apartment Fires

Fires in apartment buildings present unique challenges that require specific tactics to ensure rapid water application to the seat of the fire. Engine companies must be proficient at promptly selecting, stretching, and advancing the initial attack line. Although these priorities are the same at every fire, apartment fires add potential complexities of long stretches to upper floors and lengthy advances down smoke-filled hallways. In addition, engine company personnel may encounter numerous variables, including imminent rescues, clogged hallways and stairwells, and building systems.  This presentation will provide you with the essentials when it comes to developing engine company preplans and tactics that work in these challenging buildings. 


Jonathan Hall
12:00 PM
Spotlight Video: DEWALT™ & LENOX™ Tools

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12:30 PM
Lessons Learned from COVID-19 & the Pandemic Response

Columbus Division of Fire was presented with one of the most challenging responses in the department’s history this year when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Maintaining operational efficiency was vital to addressing COVID-19 as it swept across the nation. The main keys to success were implementing an incident command structure, establishing an incident action plan and communications with our members and key stakeholders in our response, along with contact tracing in collaboration with the local health department. This presentation will cover how those were successfully carried out, plus other lessons learned to highlight the COVID-19 response for the Columbus Division of Fire.


1:30 PM
Spotlight Video: Cummins

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2:00 PM
The Fast Five: RIT Essentials

Though undoubtedly well-intentioned, having a "RIT Picnic" in the front yard is counterproductive to downed firefighter rescue operations.  This fast-paced class will review five topics that attendees can evaluate for use at their department to help modernize RIT operations.  Tool selection, deployment models, and other topics will be used to illustrate that a change in mentality is long overdue. By empowering interior crews to assist the mayday firefighter and using RIT to supplement the units in close proximity to the downed member, you will significantly increase the chances for a successful rescue.


Jake Hoffman
3:00 PM
Top 5 Commandments of a Great Fire Officer in 2021 and Beyond!

There has never been a more challenging time to be a fire officer. The fire officer of today not only needs to be in touch with today’s reality, but more importantly, the future of the fire service. Topics to be discussed in this session include, but are not limited to, leadership, teamwork, training, mentoring and customer service. Before you start pointing fingers at the lack of leadership, make sure you’re doing the best you can for those you are fortunate enough to lead and serve! Leadership starts at the firehouse.


Steve Prziborowski
4:00 PM
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4:30 PM
Virtual Roundtable: The Need to Lead: Fire Service Leadership Development

With the fire service seeing many retirements on both the career and volunteer sides, the next generation of leaders face challenges unlike ever before. This panel discussion will look at how fire departments can create programs that train and educate the next generation of leaders and prepare them for the myriad of situations they can face in the station and on the streets. Without fundamentally engaging all levels in truly deconstructing the need for fire service leadership, it will not grow. 


Marc Davidson Benjamin Martin Steve Prziborowski Jesse Quinalty Peter Van Dorpe

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

General Sessions

10:00 AM
Virtual Roundtable: Finding the Time for Training

Join four fire officers as they discuss what they do to ensure their companies are getting quality training during busy regular shifts. The group will share tips on how their crews create engaging hands-on drills, plus tailboard and kitchen table discussions to keep crews sharp. Training is not just a checkbox and the panelists will offer insight to keep training balanced with the other duties that today’s firefighters are tasked with.     


Thomas Anderson Chad Christensen Robert Owens Ryan Pennington
11:00 AM
Developing Today's Truck Company Culture

A well-established truck company culture creates the foundation for effective truck company operations on the fireground. Both are mentally and physically demanding and require members to be technically proficient for success at fire scenes. This presentation will give you a thorough knowledge of truck company operations and the necessary tools and equipment to accomplish coordinated fireground operations to effectively carry out life-saving tasks.


Sean Eagen
12:00 PM
On the Front Lines: The Key Role of Fire/EMS in Combating an Evolving Opioid Epidemic

Join Peter Matthews, editor-in-chief of Firehouse Magazine, as he interviews Roger Crystal, MD, lead inventor of NARCAN® Nasal Spray and CEO of Opiant Pharmaceuticals, on the future of the opioid overdose epidemic and the important role that fire / EMS will play.  Opioid overdose can happen to anyone – mothers, fathers, valued employees and dear friends.  There have been many lives saved from opioid overdose by the heroic work of fire and EMS professionals.  However, the opioid overdose crisis is shifting.  While prescription opioid overdoses still occur, a rapid rise of overdose deaths are occurring from powerful and illicit synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.  In order to combat this evolving crisis, fire and EMS professionals require innovation in the medicines they have at their disposal.  Peter and Roger will discuss these topics and more at this important session.




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12:30 PM
Straightforward Solutions for Problematic Extrications

Emergency responses to extrications can become more problematic when the vehicles come to rest in unorthodox positions. Vehicles on their sides, roofs, and under other vehicles or objects add additional risks and challenges to both rescuers and victims. This course will provide down-to-earth solutions for dealing with these events. Topics to be covered include: identifying vehicle power systems, determining patient removal techniques, identifying logistical needs, deploying effective stabilization techniques and disentanglement techniques.


Mike Daley


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1:30 PM
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2:00 PM
Columbus Division of Fire Welcomes Firehouse Expo 2021

On behalf of central Ohio, Columbus Interim Fire Chief Jeffrey Happ wants to welcome everyone to Firehouse Expo 2021 next September. Have a look at this preview of what to expect. 


2:10 PM
Command Success: Commanding from the Sidelines

This fast-paced 60 minute program will cover fireground size-up and what to look for based on the resources assigned to the alarm. Understanding time delayed tactics, Isakson will show how you can make the most of the first arriving companies before all hands arrive. It is critical to be realistic with what your assigned resources can and cannot do based on each company's actual capabilities based on apparatus, training, and experience - a three person ladder with a step up officer, new driver, and rookie assigned cannot do what a four person, seasoned crew can do. It is important that the fireground commander use the size-up and understanding of time delayed tactics to properly assign crews to get the most out of your bench to mitigate the incident.


Curt Isakson

Closing Keynote

3:10 PM
2020: Wow. Just Wow.

Let us recap a year that none of us will forget and try to end it on a positive, fun note!


Jason Patton

* Program subject to change