CANCELLED: Grain Bin Rescue Awareness

Attendees completing this one-day Grain Bin Rescue Level I course will gain knowledge to safely evaluate hazards associated with grain bins and successfully extricate trapped victims. Attendees will use the Ohio Fire Academy’s Grain Bin Rescue Trailer, review safety equipment, victim removal procedures, and conduct hands-on rescues from both a grain bin and gravity wagon. This course reviews agricultural equipment injuries and emergencies, farm chemical exposures, fires and spills, and challenges that responders face when confronting farm emergencies. PPE Requirements: Grain bin rescues are not well suited for traditional turnout gear. We recommend that all participants wear the following PPE: Helmet (Rescue or Firefighter style) with chin strap, hard sole work boots that lace up (slip on boots and tennis shoes fill up with corn and pull off), coveralls/duty uniforms or blue jeans (shorts are not permitted), N-95 approved dust mask, and safety glasses.

Andy Bauer
Date & Time
Monday, September 26, 2022, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM