Tactical and Strategic Decision Making on Garden Apartment Fires

Every aspect of a response to a structure fire should be built around operating with an aggressive mindset and maximum efficiency. Operational tempo must speed up to keep pace with the rapid fire spread, uncertainty, and danger present on the modern fire scene. The ability to view an active fire scene, draw rapid conclusions, make rapid decisions, and monitor outcomes requires skill and practice and often is the key to successful operations. When the pressure is on, great fire company officers remain laser-focused, confident, and fully in charge of their crews. In short, these great officers are successful because they have a superior decision-making process. This workshop will present a process designed to assist fire service personnel with quickly interpreting information presented on the fire scene, improving situational awareness, identifying and analyzing risk, and making rapid decisions while operating on the most chaotic of incidents. Topics covered include preparation, fireground tactics, fireground risk factors, rapid risk assessment, personal development, situational awareness, and avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes. Participants will be provided with the tools and information that will enable them to develop their own rapid decision-making model. How prepared are you, your crew, and your department to respond to this unique and growing challenge adequately and safely?

LeRoy Smith
Date & Time
Friday, September 29, 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM