The following is the preliminary program as of September 17.


Featured Keynotes

Madison Twp Fire Fighters L2507 9/11 Charity Event
Opening Keynote: Mission, Metrics and Vision
Roundtable: Tech Rescue Tool Showcase
Apparatus Purchasing: From Specifications to the Final Inspection
Firefighting PPE Evaluations: From the Need to the Selection
Advanced Medical Devices in Your Community
Are You Command Capable?
Brass Tax: Determining a True Value of Your Agency
Cancer: Prevent it, Detect it Early, Survive It!
How to Achieve the Gold Standard of Handline Fire Attack Packages
Performance Under Pressure: Building a Reality Based Training Program
RIT Gone Wrong
The Hat Dance: Realities of the Short-Staffed C.O.
The Nashville Christmas Day 2020 Bombing: Why Agency Partnerships Were the Key to a Smooth Operation
Urban Search & Rescue Operations: First-Arriving Tactical Priorities
Vehicle Rescue 2021 Update
Courage Under Fire Leadership: Being the Best Fire Service Professional You Can Be in 2022 & Beyond!
Down & Dirty Urban Forcible Entry
Firefighter Safety: Mistakes & Best Practices
First Due? Then it is Up to YOU!!!
How Ballistic Research has Impacted Nozzle Selection
Is Functional Fitness the Miracle Cure for the Fire Service?
Managing the Multi-alarm
Social Media for Today’s Fire Service
Sudden Cardiac Death and Resuscitation in Pediatrics
Tactical Thermal Imaging: Enhancing Fireground Strategies & Tactics
Tribulation, Tragedy and Triumph: A Close Call, a Double LODD and the Lessons Learned
A New Chief's Guide to Surviving Local Politics
Blocker Rigs: Traffic Management Apparatus
Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
Evaluation and Care of the TASERed
First Due: The First Five Minutes
Lessons Learned: Calumet Water Reclamation Plant Explosion and Building Collapse
Lessons Learned: Jackson Memorial Middle School Shooting
NFFF LAST Overview
The Company Officer as an Instructor
The Paradigm Shift in Wellness Best Practices for Fire Recruits
Working Outside on the First-Due Truck
Changing the Outcome of Our Neighborhood Stroke Patient
Command Success
Courage Under Fire Leadership: 10 Commandments of a Great Fire Officer!
Getting the Most Out of Your Recruit Training Program
Intelligently Aggressive Search Operations, Enhancing Decision-Making Ahead of the Line
Leading with Labor: A Cooperative Approach to Advance the Fire Service
Lithium-ion Battery Systems and Firefighter Safety
Preparing for the Dance: Essentials in Leadership for Successful Fire Officers
Rescue Me: Strategies and Tactics for Employee Fires
Response to Civil Unrest
Shaping Your Volunteer Fire Department to Fit Today's Expectations
The Contemporary Fire Problem: Lightweight Multi-Unit Residential Complexes
Real World ECGs
Roundtable: Keeping Today's Firefighters Motivated
Pumpers: Design, Body Configurations, Plumbing
Roundtable: Chief's Concerns; Overcoming Current Challenges
Purchasing an Aerial Ladder: What You Need to Know
Low-Titer O-Positive Whole Blood in the Large Urban Fire-Based EMS Environment
Developing Apparatus Specification’s: How to Detail Your Department’s Requirements
Fireground Size-Up for the Engine, Ladder and Chief
Highway Incident Operations for Fire & EMS
Introduction to Tactical Thermal Imaging
Managing Everyday Incidents
Pediatric Rapid-Fire Cases
RIT Operations: Officer Impact and Development
Say YES to VES
Stretching for Success
The 25 Live: Cancer Prevention Tips to Transform Your Fire Department
Tower Ladders: Setting Up for Success
Training as the Priority in the Volunteer Fire Service
Urban Water Rescue Considerations
Are Millennials Really the Problem?
Creating a Psychologically Healthy Fire Department
Engine Company Search
Fire Operations in High-Rise and Large-Area Structures
Go Beneath the Surface: Learning to Develop Your People from the Inside Out
Leadership from the Bottom Up!
Medical Director Nightmares
Rescuer Near Misses and Using Live People for Rescue Training
Taming the Tigers of Transition
The Art of Reading Smoke: The Next Generation
Attributes of Leading
Measuring Success of Your EMS System
Roundtable: Training Today's Firefighters
Apparatus Operators Role in a Safe & Efficient Fireground
Developing Safe and Effective Fireground Operations
No Excuses: Tactics for the Understaffed Department
Riding Shotgun
San Antonio Fire Department Fighting the Opioid Epidemic
Solar Energy and the Fire Service
The Search Reformation
Utilizing Data to Justify Organizational Growth
Commanding the First 30 Minutes & Beyond
Getting Down Alive: Roof Construction and Operations
Pillars of the Fireground
Searchable vs. Survivable: Educational Decision Making
The Rapid Intervention Reality of Your Department

General Sessions