Help Us Promote Firehouse Expo!

To help promote Firehouse Expo and your program, we are asking that you post your presentation via social media using the attached icon/logo and related program information.

Speaker Social Graphics are found below. There will be one for each session and will be found under your last name.

​Please include hashtag: #FHE22 on all posts.

​Your assistance in helping market both your program and Firehouse Expo are greatly appreciated!

​Suggested Facebook / Instagram / Twitter post (copy/paste text below and add the Firehouse Expo 22 speaker social graphic): 

​Please join me at Firehouse Expo on <date> for my conference session <enter session(s)>   #FHE22

We Want Video!

We’d like to have you record a brief video that we can use to promote your Firehouse Expo 2022 session via website, social media and other marketing platforms. The video should run between 1-2 minutes where you introduce yourself and talk about your topic and why it’s important for attendees to attend your session. Please be sure to:​

  • Introduce yourself (ex. John Smith, captain, anytown fire department)
  • Announce your topic (ex: I’m looking forward to present my session, Fighting Fires in XYZ structures at Firehouse Expo 2022)
  • Discuss what your topic covers and why it’s important for the attendees to attend your session
  • At some point, please encourage the viewer to visit FirehouseExpo.com to learn more and register for Firehouse Expo 2022 in Columbus. If you’re going to add text, please use the #FHExpo22 hashtag

Send the link (YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook) to Lindsey so we can promote your session. Please share via your social media channels. The deadline is July 15.


Peter Matthews, Conference Director


Lindsey Gajewski, Conference Manager