Full Name
Kathy Edwards
Job Title
Co-Founder/Lead Facilitator
Fire Wife Life
Speaker Bio
Kathy Edwards is the CEO of Fire Life Training and is the co-founder of Fire Wife Life. She spent 30 years as a national non-profit management consultant. In February of 2020, Edwards left the National Down Syndrome Congress, after serving for 5 years as their national consulting development director to join Fire Life Training Associates as chief executive officer, with a goal of expanding the brands. In 2021, she co-founded Fire Wife Life and The Fire Family. Edwards serves on numerous non-profit boards and has served as the president of the Atlanta Fire Department Women’s Auxiliary. As a lead facilitator for Fire Wife Life, Edwards presents the message of community, togetherness, support, and inclusion. So many wives feel isolated from their spouse’s job family, and their “civilian” friends don’t understand their lifestyle or the unique challenges that they face. In bringing the message of Fire Wife Life forward, she encourages women to feel comfortable in asking for help, speaking their needs to other wives, and not being afraid to be a part of the fire family community. Simultaneously, the message and navigation of the importance of seeing one’s own worth and having one’s own identity outside of “fire spouse” is imperative to having a successful marriage and healthy family dynamic.
Kathy Edwards