Full Name
Nicholas Peppard
Job Title
Holley-Navarre Fire District
Speaker Bio
Nick Peppard is a 16-year student of the craft. He is currently a captain at the Holley-Navarre Fire District in Santa Rosa County, FL, and is assigned to Engine Co. 41 on the district's west side. Peppard is also a paramedic with Lifeguard Ambulance Service, is an adjunct instructor at the Northwest Florida State College Fire Academy, and is the owner/operator of North Florida Fire and EMS Training, LLC. He holds numerous fire service certifications and holds associate of science degrees in fire science and EMS technology as well as an associate of arts degree. Peppard is currently working on completing his bachelor’s degree program at Waldorf University, and is president of the North Florida Fire Expo on Okaloosa Island, FL. He is co-host of the Make Due: Suburban Fireman Podcast with Sean Duffy of Build Your Culture and has been a guest on the Mikey G. and Mikey D. Show, the Can Man Podcast, National Rescue Consultant's Train to Live Podcast, 5-Alarm Task Force Podcast and the 3-point Firefighter Podcast. Peppard is vice president of IAFF Local #4695. He is a recently published author with a major trade magazine and has taught at numerous fire conferences across the country including the Metro Atlanta Fire Firefighter Conference, Orlando Fire Conference, Bearers of the Oath, the Blue Collar Fire Conference, the Great Florida Fire School, and the Twin Tiers Fire Conference. He is very passionate about training and helping others better themselves so that we can all better fulfill our oath to serve and protect THEM.
Nicholas Peppard