Full Name
Steve Prziborowski
Job Title
Deputy Chief (Ret.)
Santa Clara County Fire Department
Speaker Bio
Steve Prziborowski has more than 30 years in the fire service, having recently retired as a deputy chief for the Santa Clara County, CA, Fire Department. He is currently an instructor for the Chabot College Fire Technology Program, a contract instructor for the National Fire Academy, the Founder of Code 3 Fire Training and Education where he presents career development and leadership sessions to fire departments and organizations around the U.S. and is a contributing editor for Firehouse Magazine. Prziborowski received the 2020 Ronny J. Coleman Leadership Legacy Award from CPSE and was named the 2008 California Fire Instructor of the year. He has presented sessions in 36 states and Canada, has published 4 career development books (with 1 more on Courage Under Fire Leadership being finalized) and has contributed to or published more than 300 articles, podcasts, videos and blogs.
Steve Prziborowski