No Excuses: Winning on the Fireground with Minimal Staffing

Many fire departments are understaffed, but that is no excuse to be unprepared. In the modern fire service their are many tools available to help these departments deliver the service their citizens expect. We will discuss the utilization of thermal imaging cameras to help these crews stay safe while also providing for faster extinguishment and primary searches. The need to control the flow path will be covered and the presenter will discuss how the use of smoke curtains can accomplish this without sacrificing a firefighter for door control. The presenter will also cover effective water delivery options and discuss the need to balance speed with extinguishment power. During this part of the presentation the different options we have to provide for extinguishment and cooling will be covered (water can, piercing nozzle, handlines, and master streams). Throughout the presentation, attendees will be presented with the case for authenticity in the way they manage their response. When we can't magically make more firefighters appear, we have to adapt our response. We must not attempt to copy and paste tactics from other fire departments who are much closer to being fully staffed.

Joey Baxa
Date & Time
Thursday, September 29, 2022, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM