LIVE FIRE: The Intelligently Aggressive Fireground

Firefighters are placed under demanding situations with less staffing than ever before. Tactical thermal imaging allows firefighters to include thermal data to enhance their decision making. This data is a force-multiplier which allows for locating the victim(s) up to 70% faster, locating and extinguishing the fire faster, and preventing may-day's by maintaining situational awareness.  This program will focus on the fundamentals of firefighting from size-up, forcible entry, fire attack, search, and rapid intervention. Each portion of the program will be delivered in a systematic method that is designed for all levels from the entry level firefighter, to the company officer, to the Incident Commander.  The program will build upon the skill sets learned in the morning session and then allow the firefighters an opportunity to implement their newfound skills and knowledge in the afternoon in scenario based evolutions based on actual incidents.   These skill sets will be learned, demonstrated, and applied in a live fire environment in a Class A burn building or equivalent. Firefighters are encouraged to bring their model/brand of thermal imaging camera to the event. Insight Training will provide an entire Instructor Cadre with thermal imaging cameras to ensure a 4: 1 student to instructor ratio.   This program has been delivered across the globe and allows firefighters who attend the training to immediately begin using this information upon completion of the training. Insight Training Instructors are a minimum of Level I Thermography Certified Fire Service Professionals.

Andy Starnes
Date & Time
Monday, September 26, 2022, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM