Live Fire: Tactics for Success with Limited Staffing

Utilizing crew sizes that replicate the limited staffing environments most fire departments are currently faced with, this multi-station, hands-on live fire training program will place attendees in a variety of first-due task-oriented assignments including incident command, fire attack and extinguishment, primary search, forcible entry, ventilation, and laddering. Using NFPA 1403 Live Burn Standards, this program will provide attendees a dynamic and extraordinary opportunity to enhance their fireground experience and tactical skills while at the same time improving their ability to conduct these task-oriented assignments as members of a first-arriving fire suppression team consisting of a typical first-alarm assignment of an incident commander, two engines, and one truck company. The program will start with a short classroom-based summary of the program objectives, and a discussion on strategy and tactics, today’s modern fire environment, fireground decision-making, and the roles and responsibilities of first-due companies containing limited staffing levels that reflect current fire service trends. After this, the attendees will be rotated through various hands-on evolutions where they will be challenged to conduct appropriate size-ups, develop strategies, implement assigned tactics, and complete delegated company assignments using a safe and coordinated fire attack within private dwelling and taxpayer type structures. After each scenario, a “backstep” type after-action discussion will be held in order to identify concerns or problems recognized by instructors or experienced by the attendees. The feedback and information gained will then be used by the instructors as a tool to ensure the attendees are meeting the identified goals and learning objectives of the program.

John Lewis
Date & Time
Monday, September 26, 2022, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM