Full Name
Greg Obert
Job Title
Sr. Captain
Houston Fire Department
Speaker Bio
Greg Obert is a 21-year veteran of the fire service, currently serving as a senior captain with the Houston Fire Department. He has been the program coordinator of fire technology at the College of the Mainland for 17 years and is an E-Board member (Treasurer) for The Texas Association of Fire Educators (TAFE). Obert has certifications as a Master Firefighter, Fire Instructor III- Master, ISO, Fire Officer IV, HazMat Tech, HazMat- IC, Driver/ Operator Pumper and Aerial, Fire and Life Safety Educator, Fire Inspector, and Fire Investigator. He has a bachelor of applied arts and sciences degree in emergency management from West Texas A&M University and an applied arts and sciences degree in fire protection technology from San Jacinto Community College.
Greg Obert