Full Name
Aaron Zamzow
Job Title
Firefighter/ Training Officer/ Head Coach
Fire Rescue Fitness
Speaker Bio
Aaron Zamzow has more than 20 years of firefighting experience as an on-call paid firefighter in Golden Valley, MN, and is currently a career firefighter/ EMT and training officer in Madison, WI. He is the owner of Fire Rescue Fitness, a company that creates workout programs and fitness articles that focus on getting fire rescue athletes "fit for duty." Zamzow holds a bachelor of science degree in health and wellness, is an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist, a NASM-certified personal trainer, a precision nutrition practitioner, and an ACE peer fitness trainer. He has also worked in the fitness industry for more than 30 years and has experience working with the general population as well as athletes from the NBA, NFL and NHL. Zamzow is the author of numerous fitness programs catered toward fire rescue athletes (firefighters, EMTs, and medics). He has recently been published in and writes for Firehouse, Fire Rescue Magazine, Lexipol, FR1, and numerous other first responder publications. He has consulted with numerous departments on the best practices for firefighter fitness and has also managed personal training departments and teams for some of the largest health club chains and fitness businesses. Zamzow is excited to bring his enthusiasm and knowledge of the fitness industry and fire/ EMS service to educate others on the best practices to improve performance. He is on a mission to help transform, motivate, and educate 100,000 firefighters, EMTs and medics to get “fit for duty.”
Aaron Zamzow