Full Name
Mike Daley CTO; FO; MIFireE
Job Title
Captain/Training Officer
Monroe Twp. Fire Department/Fire Service Performance Concepts
Speaker Bio
Michael Daley is a 36-year fire service veteran, serving in a department in Monroe Township, NJ. He serves as a staff Instructor in two county fire academies and is an Adjunct Professor at two County Colleges, developing and delivering FESHE approved curriculum in Fire Behavior and Building Construction. Daley is a 21-year member of New Jersey Task Force 1 – USAR, serving as a rescue squad officer, and is a FEMA lead instructor in the Structural Collapse Specialist program. Daley has a bachelor’s degree in public safety and holds certifications as a Fire Officer, Fire Instructor, Fire Official, FEMA All-Hazards Operations Section Chief, On-Scene Incident Commander, Fire Investigation Technician, Certified Fire & Explosions Investigator, and has completed the Knowledge I Fire Dynamics program from the International Association of Arson Investigators. Daley has earned international accreditation as a Chief Training Officer and a Fire Officer from the Center for Public Service Excellence. He is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers and serves as a contributing technical editor for Firehouse Magazine© and Firehouse.com. Daley is currently serving as president of Project Kill the Flashover, a training and research organization that provides training in Advanced Fire Behavior to students from all over the world.
Mike Daley