Decades of Leadership: Success On and Off the Fireground

Drawing from more than two decades of leadership during his career spanning over 30 years in the FDNY, and 40 years of volunteer experience in the East Farmingdale Fire Department, Leeb will deliver real-world lessons he's learned and related best practices. Each of the examples presented will be from his personal experience. Leeb will emphasize the importance of training, teamwork, and the how the winning mindset is coupled with fireground strategy and tactics and large-scale emergency response, and how they co-exist for optimal outcomes. He'll look at problem solving, leadership development, decision-making, how process drives outcome, understanding and working with the media, health wellness and cancer in the fire service, improving soft skills, the power of knowing what you don’t know, staying learnable and motivating your team. Leeb will emphasize how a passion for the job, paired with continual improvement in skills and knowledge, are the keys to a winning on the fireground. Are you prepared for the possible? Because, on game day, the time to prepare has passed. From the chief to the probie, you will leave this lecture motivated and better prepared for any emergency response.

Frank Leeb
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM