The Art of Reading Smoke

Today’s structure fires are more dangerous than ever before. Lightweight construction, low-mass synthetics and open-space floorplans have created a perfect storm for rapid, prolific fire growth and extreme behavior. It is imperative for firefighters of all ranks and experience levels to be prepared for this new battle. The Art of Reading Smoke, developed by Dave Dodson and continued by Rob Backer, provides the knowledge necessary for first-arriving firefighters, officers and chief officers to determine the fire’s location, progression and future “from the seat” before seeing any flame. This knowledge ensures that the correct tactics are implemented for the best possible outcome. Through the extensive use of actual fireground videos, first-time attendees will develop, and returning attendees will refine their knowledge and skills to become INTELLECTUALLY aggressive firefighters, rather than ARBITRARILY aggressive. The next generation of Reading Smoke brings new research, a new library of videos and discussions on cancer prevention, tactics and strategies to develop the next generation of aggressive interior firefighting!

Rob Backer
Date & Time
Friday, September 29, 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM