Passion in Leading: Motivational Professional Development

The purpose of this course is to prepare upcoming leaders, while also refreshing current leaders, for why incorporating passion into their leadership is important. It discusses team building, the importance of honesty and good communication while creating awareness of bad traits like gossip, malice and ego. It is designed to be a journey of lessons learned through understanding tradition, dedication, mutual trust, humility and the importance of family. It teaches you how to eliminate complacency and strive for success, how to achieve goals in both life and your career. The difference between pride and ego and most importantly the different sides of the passion sword. The presenter will discuss how using passion for good things will help you become a great leader or by using passion in a close-minded blind way will make you lose your following. The main objective is to motivate leaders to incorporate passion in their leadership style while inspiring their people to love the job as much as they do. Passion is our fuel, it’s what makes us go where we go, but unfortunately, we sometimes lose that fuel and we become complacent. This course will help bring you back to that day when you first became a firefighter and remind you of that love and eliminate the complacency that has set in over the years. Passion is the difference between doing things because you WANT to and doing things because you HAVE to. The best leaders have the drive and passion to make themselves and their people better every day.

David McGlynn
Date & Time
Friday, September 29, 2023, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM