Did you ever think of breaking the word “brotherhood” into smaller segments? Let’s start with “Bro.” As a person of color, does it refer to brother that looks like me or shares my political or religious beliefs? Are we brothers because we live in the same area? Or share the desire to help anyone? The “T” drops into all of the breakouts—Training, Tolerance, Tact, Temperament and also Turbulent and Trying (especially in these times). “HER” of course is for the female members in the fire service. It is no longer a Taboo (another “T”) topic. The “HER” has many similarities to the “BRO” when it comes to race, religion, etc. The “HOOD” refers to “street knowledge.” An example was a conversation about a cadet’s inability to handle and work with a chain saw. The cadet was from an inner city, which reminded the speaker about his own upbringing. Coming from an inner city did not expose him to the same life needs as a person from a suburb or rural area. He was behind in that particular skill, but was able to show an ability in “street knowledge” that his co-workers did not have.

Carl Wolfe
Date & Time
Thursday, September 28, 2023, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM