Apparatus Operators Role in a Safe & Efficient Fireground

This interactive class is about challenging the role of the driver operator on the fireground. With manpower shortages facing most fire service agencies in the county it is vital to have an all-hands-on deck approach to fireground tasks for the safety of our members and the public we serve. This class looks at fireground support task that can be completed by the driver operator outside the IDLH space. These tasks will improve the safety and efficiency of the company. Training for the driver operator beyond pumping and driving is often overlooked by the fire service. The driver operator can be a vital safety and efficient link for the initial arriving companies. The driver operator is often an underutilized resource on an incident scene. As an instructor, a firefighter, and now as a company officer I get frustrated as organizations set low expectations for the Driver Operator. Interior crews press into a structure for task completion in an ultra-high hazard environment, their safety relies heavily on an individual standing outside at a pump panel. An efficient fireground relies on all players to be highly trained and highly engaged in the incident.

Brian Gettemeier
Date & Time
Thursday, September 28, 2023, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM