The Rescue Mindset

While certification classes undoubtedly serve as a foundation for all technical rescuers, what is it that sets apart the “really good ones?” How does a rescuer become the person who always seems to be three steps ahead with solutions for problems you didn’t even know existed and the person who both chiefs and their fellow rescuers turn to for advice? This interactive session strives to answer these questions by sharing advice from respected rescuers across North America. Development of a “rescue mindset” is discussed from both personal development and incident response perspectives. Fire departments often treat high-risk/low-frequency technical rescue incidents like the average house fire, but this can be a recipe for disaster. Size-up and tactical decision-making differs on a rescue scene, making a “rescue mindset” even more important. The “rescue mindset” is also key to successfully determining an appropriate course of action on the scene, so it is imperative that rescue leadership NOT be rank dependent but should rely heavily on subject-matter experts. Concepts such as the “100/50/25 Rescue Plan” will be introduced to help attendees rapidly and effectively develop a plan on their next rescue incident. As the modern fire department is an all-hazards agency, details of one discipline are often overlooked during training in the interest of time or inadvertently forgotten as the department pivots to the next rescue discipline. This sad reality often leaves rescuers dangerously unprepared for real-world rescues where sayings like “it should be good enough” can be deadly. By developing a “rescue mindset,” rescuers are better prepared to make informed decisions when presented with complex and challenging situations that may require equipment and techniques to be pushed to their limits. Attendees will leave this class with training topics, props ideas, and other information that will help them to develop their own “rescue mindset” at their own department.

Jake Hoffman
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM