No Excuses: Tactics for the Understaffed Department

Many fire departments are understaffed, but that is no excuse not to be prepared. If you have items such as thermal imaging cameras, piercing nozzles, and high-flow/low-pressure hoselines, you must use them to their fullest potential. The presenter will discuss building a tactical playbook for your response. Just as a quarterback will read a defense to ensure the play called meets the situation, your playbook sets expectations but allows responders to pick the best tactic or “play” for the current conditions. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of how to develop tactical options that fit in the context of the understaffed department. After reviewing the suggestions from the students in my 2022 presentation, I am creating two proposals. This class will focus primarily on the strategies and tactics understaffed departments can utilize once they arrive on the fire ground and will not cover much of the information from my program the involves training and preparation in the firehouse. Throughout the class I will use simulations and actual fire videos to allow the students to put their decision making to the test.

Joseph Baxa
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM