Courageous Company Officer Success Through Challenging Times!

The company officer is the most important rank in any fire department. Success in your previous rank is not necessarily an indicator for the future in your new rank. New responsibilities, the changing workforce, increased service delivery demands, and a lack of preparation and adequate training often challenge the best company officers. What does courage, servant leadership, followership, trust and customer service have to do with the oath you swore and your professional level of commitment? This fast-paced, no-nonsense program addresses the hottest topics challenging today's company officers. Issues such as communication, trust, ethics, diversity, generational challenges, accountability, training, and social media are all addressed. The presenter has years of experience as an engine company lieutenant and truck company captain in one of the largest and busiest fire departments in the country. The program will follow the cornerstones of the fire service and reinforce our accountability during our biggest challenges: courage, trust, honor and service. The presentation will inspire the officers to recall the excitement they had when they first became an officer and step up their “Love For The Game” attitude in their own organizations. Case studies, first-hand experiences, and leadership accountability and responsibility are addressed.

Daniel DeYear
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM